People often pay a lot of money for their cell phones. Popular models like the iPhone and the HTC cost significantly more than flip phones and simple candy bar phones. Because smartphones can perform a variety of tasks, many people rely on their phones every day. They do not want to drop, break, or get their phones wet. Even with the best of care, however, these accidents can sometimes happen and damage people’s phones. When they want to protect their smartphones from being irreversibly damaged, people may invest in carbon fiber skins or ghost armor.

Many people like flashy and colorful skins for their phones. Women and girls in particular like skins that have graphics, rhinestones, and other embellishments on them. However, men and some women prefer to keep their phones covered with more modest skins. They might not want to draw attention to themselves by using brightly colored phones. When they want this uniform appearance for their cell phones, people may choose carbon fiber skins.

These skins are widely available in muted colors like gray and black. These neutral hues allow people to protect their phones while keeping a standard appearance to them. Business professionals who want to be taken seriously and look professional may opt for these skins. These protectors allow professionals to use their phones without detracting from their professional appearances. A businessman or woman who uses a phone with embellishments and bright colors might not be taken as seriously as he or she would expect.

Other cell phone users might like their phones’ appearances well enough to prefer that these original features remain uncovered. An uncovered phone is susceptible to damage. Individuals who like the way their uncovered phones look and handle may opt for ghost armor. Ghost armor is typically made from clear polyurethane material that protects the phone while allowing the original features to remain visible.

Cell phone armor remains a top priority for people who are parents to small children. Today’s smartphones are fun to play with and remain a favorite toy of many people’s small kids. When parents want to protect their phones while their children are playing games or surfing the web, they may choose one of these skins. Embellished skins can actually be a choking hazard to children if these protectors are decorated with rhinestones or raised objects. A clear skin may be safer for these families.