Sorting Out Your Options for Cell Phone Cases

Getting the right case to protect your cell phone is important, but it’s not always easy to decide which style of case you want. The first thing you need to decide is which type of case you want, because there are several different types with different functionalities.

A cell phone case that fits around the phone and leaves the front accessible is often referred to as a cover. Covers can involve two hard pieces that snap together around the phone, or they can be made of a rubberized material in one piece that stretches slightly to fit around the front and sides of the phone. Covers are great for people who use their phone frequently throughout the day because they don’t have to be removed to access the phone and all its functions.

Another style of case is a pocket, sleeve or wallet that the cell phone fits inside of. These cases offer great protection but do not allow access to the phone, so it has to be removed from the case when you want to use it.

Other things to look for in cell phone cases or covers are belt clips, pockets to hold cards or other very small items, and of course, colors and designs that appeal to you. There is virtually no end to the types of designs available for cell phone cases and covers. It is best to decide which type of case you want before venturing into the realm of color and design shopping.

When choosing between a hard or soft case, consider your lifestyle and the way you use your phone. If you keep it at home or in an office environment most of the time, your phone won’t need as much protection as it would if you worked outdoors or around machinery. If there’s a good chance that your phone may occasionally get dropped onto a hard floor, a rubberized case will give it “bounce” and protect it well. A hard case is best if your phone is likely to get scratched or encounter equipment that could tear at a rubberized case.

Always make sure you buy a case that is designed to fit your phone brand and model. Very often, manufacturers make each of their cases for several different phones, so you should shop by your phone model first and then by case type.