The world of cell phones is a dizzying one. New models zoom at consumers so fast that it is hard to keep track of them all. This constant flow of new cell phone models has consumers on edge all the time to get the latest and greatest model. The problem is that getting a cell phone upgrade can be expensive. New cell phones aren’t cheap. For those looking to get cell phone upgrades without breaking the bank, here is a guide to some smart ways to get an upgraded cell phone.

Get the Free Cell Phone Upgrade

Of course, everyone wants to get a free cell phone upgrade if it’s possible. When consumers have a contract with their cell phone provider, they are often eligible for a free upgrade after a while. The period varies from customer to customer and carrier to carrier, but almost all cell phone customers should be able to get an upgrade annually at a minimum.

These free upgrades are a great way for consumers to keep up with the latest technological innovations in cell phone design. It seems like there are tremendous breakthroughs every year, so it makes sense to stay abreast of the latest developments by upgrading every year. The only catch is that upgrading to a new phone often results in the cell phone provider asking the customer to sign on for another couple years of service. As long as the consumer is happy with their cell phone provider, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Switch Carriers

Cell phone shoppers will also find that they can get great upgrades on their current cell phones by switching carriers. A cell phone company is always extremely excited to get a brand-new customer, and they are willing to sweeten the pot to gain their business. Signing a new contract with a cell phone provider is a great way for consumers to upgrade to the top-of-the-line cell phone models for little or no cost.

Buying Online

An inexpensive way to get a cell phone upgrade before a free one is available from the carrier is to purchase a new or used cell phone online. Online auction and classified sites alike are full of the best new models of cell phones for prices that are often significantly below retail value. Any buyer who is patient will be able to find the cell phone upgrade they are looking for if they shop around smartly.