Smartphone manufacturers release new devices onto the market every month. A device that features the latest hardware and software arrives slightly less frequently. Unfortunately, powerful smartphones drain through their batteries in seemingly no time at all. Even a phone with a mid-sized battery won’t last an entire day without requiring an extra charge. Only a handful of devices feature batteries that last more than seven to nine hours with heavy use. In most cases, various solutions are available for owners.

For instance, smartphone owners should exercise smart battery management and charging techniques. Most devices come with controls that allow users to reduce their device’s battery consumption. Using these controls and tools is always recommended, especially for heavy phone users. Also, a person should only charge their smartphone when the battery falls below a 30% charge to enhance its overall life cycle. Actively managing one’s battery leads to prolonged usage time and fewer dead batteries. Certain users will require other solutions.

Most people charge their smartphones with ordinary cell phone charging cables. However, too many individuals own only a single charger. It’s always a smart idea to purchase a second charger plus a third portable charger for automobiles. Owning these three chargers ensures that a person’s device will never completely die during the day. Without a doubt, the secondary charger should be kept on hand at all times. Nothing is worse than a dying device and a charger that’s left at home.

External charging devices are a somewhat recent and still emerging technology. Basically, these battery packs can charge devices like smartphones and laptops. They’re simply rechargeable batteries themselves after all. The average external charger costs anywhere from $30 to $100 or more, so they’re not right for everyone. Still, heavy smartphone users will find these devices invaluable on a regular basis. Some models will fit in the pocket of a pair of pants with ease. Plus, a person doesn’t need an electrical outlet.

Poor battery life annoys and hinders thousands of smartphone owners every day. The technology behind these batteries won’t see major improvements for at least a few more years. Therefore, smartphone users need to make certain adjustments now in order to keep their devices alive throughout each day. Even the most draining devices can be tweaked to consume less battery life over the course of many hours. In the end, numerous solutions are available for the problem of low battery life.