Consumers collectively purchase millions of smartphones on an annual basis. Likewise, they buy thousands of different accessories. The average person outfits their device with a protective case at the very least. Plenty of other accessories exist that serve an aesthetic or utilitarian purpose. With that in mind, three particular accessories make the most sense for smartphone users today. Two of these items protect the device while the other ensures the owner always has access to their smartphone.

The Protective Case

Unfortunately, today’s smartphones aren’t as durable as the cell phones of yesterday. Countless high-tech parts comprise the average smartphone, and not all of these parts will withstand a single fall. A protective case can protect even the daintiest of devices from harm. Plus, cases are available that provide protection from water submersion, dust, and other harmful substances. The best cases cost a lot of money, but not everyone will require 100% protection from their case.

Cell Phone Screen Protectors

Many high-end smartphones now come with incredibly strong and durable screens. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is perhaps the most popular material these days. During the manufacturing process, this glass is strengthened to provide impact resistance unrivaled by other options. Still, screens are still susceptible to scratches and fingerprints no matter their material. A smartphoner user should invest in a decent screen protector to keep their screen in good shape. Affordable options are readily available.

The Portable Car Charger

Without a doubt, every person that drives should own a portable car charger. These chargers cost little money and always come in handy. Most smartphones can’t last a full day without needing an extra charge. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a dead and inaccessible phone. By keeping a mobile charger handy, an individual doesn’t need to worry about their device dying before the day is over. Too many risks are taken by not buying a portable charger.

A number of other accessories are available for smartphones at the moment. In the end, other accessories are mostly optional. Someone that talks while driving should invest in a Bluetooth headset. Everyone should utilize a protective case, a screen protector, and a mobile charger, though. Fortunately, these items can all be purchased at a reasonable price from numerous retailers. A smartphone owner should always focus upon quality with these items to ensure they don’t fail when needed most.