Cell phone service is becoming a necessity in the United States as well as other countries around the world. As of today, approximately 82 percent of Americans own some type of mobile phone and service. Most of those individuals have disconnected their landlines for service they can use when they are always on the go. Other users still maintain landline service but use their mobile device as their main source of communication.

The other 18 percent of Americans may be thinking about getting a cell phone service, but they lack the education to make a choice. The following is information on providers and types of plans that will be helpful for anyone who does not have service as of yet.

What is a Cell Phone Provider?

Anyone who decides to purchase a cell phone and service will need to go through a provider. A provider is a company that provides the services that make the device work. When an individual signs up with a certain provider, he or she is using that provider’s network, frequency, and phone in some cases. Providers give consumers services in exchange for monetary payment. There are three types of services that providers offer: post-paid, pre-paid, and pay as you go.

Three Types of Cell Phone Services

The most simplistic and probably the most expensive type of service is the pay as you go service. This service sometimes works with the purchase of a card and it charges the user a certain amount of cents per minute for voice calls, text messaging, and data. Most pay as you go rates vary from $.10 per minute to $.25 per minute which can get very expensive.

The pre-paid option is for consumers who want to have a monthly bill without being in contract with the cell phone providers. Pre-paid plans range from approximately $25 per month to $70 per month. Most people who cannot pass credit checks use this option for service.

Post-paid service is an arrangement in which the provider bills the customer for usage after he or she uses the service. This type of arrangement has an active contract of 1-2 years. The consumer receives large discounts on the phones for entering a contract with the provider. Termination of contract usually prompts a hefty early termination fee.

Cell phone providers are available to get each customer the service he or she needs. Arrangements are available for any person in any economic situation.