Those who love their phones know that at some point they are going to become yesterday’s news. Most of the time, this happens more quickly than some would expect. When that time is reached, it is important to upgrade the phone to something that is more in touch with the advances that cell phones have made.

Cell phone upgrades typically happen every 2 to 3 years depending on the carrier and the specifics of one’s plan. Those who are due for an upgrade will usually receive the upgraded phone for free. They get to choose from a list of phones that are approved for their upgrade. From that list, they are to select the phone that they would like to have. Then, they are likely going to have to stick with the plan that they already have or move up to a more expensive plan. However, they get to keep the upgraded phone to use for free.

Carriers offer these upgrades because they are more interested in keeping loyal and happy customers than they are in anything else. They want their customers to like the phones that they have, and to like the carriers that are providing those phones to them. If they accomplish both of these things, then the cell phone companies win. They certainly do not want their customers to ever leave them. If they were to do this, the cell phone provider would definitely be at a loss. They would have missed out on having a great customer around.

By giving a customer a free phone, the cell phone company is technically having to dish out that phone with the knowledge that they will receive the full value of it and then some later in the form of the monthly payments that they receive from their customer for their service. In other words, the cell phone companies do not care much about the cost of the phone that they just gave out because they make their money from the service, not the phone.

Upgrades are a very exciting thing for customers. They love to have the knowledge that they will be receiving a new and improved phone for free. It is important thought that all customers think about how much their service is costing them. If it makes more sense for them to downgrade their phone, then perhaps that is something that they should consider doing. There is no need to get an upgrade just for the sake of the upgrade.