Cell Phone Advantages

Cell phones are also called mobile phones and hand phones depending on where in the world you live. Cell phones are hand-held devices used for communication over a cellular network. Other than cell phones offering the convenience of making and receiving phone calls when you are away from home, the benefits of cell phones continues to grow adding many functions such as text messaging, video recording, data storage, camera and Internet access.

The cell phone invention is credited to a Motorola researcher, Martin Cooper. He invented the first cell phone in April of 1973 and in October of the same year, he patented the invention. Since the time of its invention, the cell phone has become a necessity as opposed to a luxury. People who travel, sales people and business people will attest to it being a necessity in their lives. One of the biggest advantages of the cell phone is that it can be used for when there is an emergency, disaster or for anyone who finds themselves in a dangerous or alarming situation.

Like the Internet, people use their phones to send news, information and messages all over the world. Texting is used often because it is cheaper than making phone calls. With the Bluetooth connectivity, camera and video uploading capability, communications on cell phones have revolutionized at all kinds of levels.

Cell phones have gone through several improvements, and cell phone manufacturers continue to release many phones to add more benefits to the cell phone user. There are many types of phones to choose from, and the advantages continue to grow on a daily basis.

A personal digital assistant, or PDA, is a cell phone optimized for multimedia and personal data. They have plenty of advanced features such as GPS navigation, Internet capability, e-mail and other features. Most PDA phones are touch screen phones allowing the user to manipulate and interact on the phone with its touch sensitive screen. The phone responds to a special pen or a human finger.

Another type of cell phone is the slide phone. This phone enables you to slide the keypad open and close. Flip phones are similar to the slide phone. The only difference is that the phone is flipped open and closed to expose the keypad and screen.

Lastly, there is the more budget type of cell phone that has basic features to lower their overall price. Budget cell phones are more used by people sensitive to the cost of a cell phone versus its functionality.

Along with the advantages that cell phones have, they also have several disadvantages as well. One of those is people falling into a cell phone addiction. Whether the addiction is text messaging, making phone calls, gaming or Internet chatting, you can become addicted and distracted all the time which reduces your productivity with other important things.