Unlocked Cell Phones and What They Can Do For You

Unlocked cell phones have become very popular amongst consumers. Put simply, an unlocked cell phone is a phone that is not tied to any particular network. There are many cell phones that are only able to work with a certain service provider.

An unlocked phone can use virtually any cellular network. An unlocked phone is able to recognize a SIM card from virtually any carrier, and a locked phone can only recognize SIM cards from the specific carrier it is designed for.

The Advantages of Unlocking Your Phone

Although many consumers have heard about someone unlocking a phone, most don’t really understand what it means, and they also have no clue how an unlocked phone can benefit them. It’s important to understand that unlocking cell phones is legal in the US.

There are actually many carriers willing to unlock a phone after a consumer’s contract has finished. However, phone unlocking normally works with GSM technology that top service providers offer.

Save Money

One advantage of unlocking your phone is the fact that it can save you hundreds of dollars if you travel internationally. When traveling internationally, it’s very likely that your service provider will charge you a lot of money to make calls.

If you unlock your phone, you can simply purchase a SIM card in another country, and use that SIM card to save a lot of money on calls that you make. You can unlock your phone and take advantage of local prices in the country you travel to.

If your phone is unlocked, you will probably only spend a few dollars on local calls and not a few hundred. Without an unlocked phone, your service provider’s roaming fees can add up very quickly.

Choose Any Service

An unlocked phone gives you the ability to choose any service provider that you want. You can use your unlocked phone with whatever network you enjoy most.

A locked phone prevents you from using any service provider that you want. Locked phones only work with the service provider that they’re made for. In terms of choosing a service provider, unlocking your phone gives you great freedom.

Two Lines on One Phone

With the right adapter for your SIM card, you can turn your single-line phone into a two-line phone. By unlocking and turning your phone into a two-line phone, you can potentially combine your personal and business lines into a single phone. Switching between the two lines is very easy. These are just a few of the benefits of unlocking your cell phone.